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Tummietote Belt & Band uses- running, walking, skiing, hiking, biking, basketball, tennis, shopping, baseball, yoga, dance, & so much more.

Tummietote Belt & Band carries- Insulin pump, Dexco

m G4 Platinum & 7 CGM, IPhone, IPod, Cellphone, Asthma Inhaler, Glucagon, Epipen, Cash, Keys, Snacks, Blood Testing Kit.

Tummietote Review - Really pleased with our tummietote! This product is well made with attention to detail in all the right places. The adjustable velcro waist makes for a versatile fit, and is great for growing children. We have a tummietote with 1 vinyl window which is fantastic for quick pump boluses on the run, also like the fact that the pump is tucked away protected from some of the rough & tumbles in my 6 year old sons busy day :) We love the funky black camo fabric also. A great product ++

Tallygear Tummietote Belt with one and two clear view pliable vinyl windows. Monitor your insulin pump, Dexcom 7 CGM or cellphone through the window. Also you can make adjustments to your pump and view incoming messages on your cellhone just by touch through the vinyl window. It is heavy duty enough to stand up to daily use but, pliable enough to activate your tech device. The window makes it quicker and easier to access your tech device without it ever leaving the pocket on the Tummietote belt which keeps your devices more secure.


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