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About Tallygear

In 2007, our daughter Tally (a.k.a. tallygear)  was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (Type 1). Within 1 year she was using an insulin pump 24 hours a day. Tally is a very active child and the standard packs she used weren't right for her. Within a month, we realized we needed to design something that worked better for her lifestyle.

After many many months, and many yards of fabric and hundreds of belts tallygear was born in November 2008.  Although the Tallygear Tummietote belt was designed specifically for the comfortable storage of an insulin pump, we quickly realized the belt can be used for so much more. In fact, an insulin pump is the exact same size as a cellphone or many hand held devices.

Tally now carries her insulin pump, Dexcom Mobile CGM andd cellphone and usually starbursts, skittles or granola bar with her at all times - the Tummietote belt has 3 pockets.

Our wish to you or your child is to make wearing an insulin pump, Dexcom CGM or any other personal item more comfortable and secure. We began with the the idea to create a product to make wearing an insulin pump more comfortable every single day. We think we've done that. We hope you enjoy the same freedom and peace of mind that we have.

Donna, Tally & Matthew Annese


The Best to you and your families,

Matthew, Donna & Tally Annese

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