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Pocket-In-A-Pinch  by tallygear


- You might find yourself looking for a spot for your insulin pump, cellphone or cash/credit card

   while wearing pajamas, a dress, skirt or shorts. If its not one of tallygears other products this might be

   the product for you.

- The Pocket-In-A-Pinch  by tallygear could be your simplest alternative to have your insulin pump

   or Dexcom device very close at hand while keeping it hidden.

- The pocket is approximately 3 inches x 5 inches and is held in place by 2 large safety pins.

- It is made of 85% spandex 15% nylon fabric. Very comfortable against your skin.

- It has a foldover closure to keep your items in place.

- It can be worn vertically or horizontally whichever fits your application.

- It will get you by in a pinch...when nothing else will work.

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