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Tallygear Clip Pack


-Add an optional aLoksak waterproof Bag/Liner to keep your devices dry (shown on first product page.)  

Tallygear Clip Pack 

- made with spandex fabric (super soft) but will stand up to time.

- pack has a 6" inch zipper closure.

- pack has zipper pull.

-pack comes with a wristlet strap.

- pack has (2) 1/2" nylon web hook that attaches to (2) carabiner hooks for easy clip to belt loops....also can be clipped to the top of yoga pants or can be carries as a wristlet case.


-can be clipped to so many items-

  • Pants
  • Keychain
  • Belt
  • Backpack
  • Pocketbookj

- the clip pack measures 6" width by 6" length.

- the clip pack can fit your insulin pump, cellphone, small test kit, Ipod, keys, cash, many small items.


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aLoksak Waterproof Bag - 4 SIZES
aLoksak Waterproof Bag - 4 SIZES
E -Tallygear Clip Pack-23 Classic Colors
E -Tallygear Clip Pack-23 Classic Colors
Tallygear Clip Pack
Tallygear Clip Pack