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Medical-Personal-ID Wristband

innovative design...Medical & Personal ID Tag slips tightly into the BAND and pulls out when needed.


pull tag (pliable heavy-duty poly not paper) from discreet pocket to view emergency contact information.

                                  view emergency information i.e. name & medical on front of ID tag.

       turn tag over to view emergency contact information and other info on back side of ID tag.

 slip ID tag back into the hidden pocket on the tallygear ID Wristband and your information will always be close at hand.


Product Description

- the tallygear wristband is designed to be stylish while safely carrying your important identification and contact information if it is ever needed in case of an emergency. 

- the wristband is made of high quality nylon webbing with a heavy duty velcro closure.

- the wristband is designed to look like a cool accent to your outfit or sports gear all the while housing your important contact information stored discreetly inside the band.

- the ID card is 1/2" wide by 7" in length and is sewn into the wristband on one side and the remainder with all your important information slides into a discreet pocket on the opposite side.

- there is an opening approximately 1 3/4" inches in length that states that this is a medical or personal ID and the pertinent information is attached to the tag that is slid into the discreet pocket.

- It is designed to provide essential information in times of an emergency. Your important information is discreetly hidden in the strap until it is needed.

- the wristband is great for wearing while walking, running, hiking & biking... all types of activity. Also for shopping trips, amusement parks, vacation or for school outings & field trips.

- If the need arises either for yourself or if your child gets seperated and you or your child are unable to transfer information that is needed in time of emergency the tallygear ID Wristband can do it for you or your child. 

- hand wash with mild soap and warm water and let air dry. 

Product Features
- strap made of high quality nylon, soft on skin, non-abrasive
- fits wrist sizes from 4 to 8 inches
- heavy duty super soft nylon & velcro wrap around strap
- plaque dimensions 1/2" x 7"
- plaque made of heavy duty pliable, bendable poly
- band length 11" total
- band width 1"
- band thickness 2mm
- all weather resistant
- 100% waterproof
- hand sewn in the US
- comfortable, durable & stylish
- perfect for children, teens & adults
- highly recommended use of a fine tip black permanent sharpie marker to fill in ID information

Product Uses

medical Identification - diabetes-drug allergy-food allergy-insect allergy-asthma-autism-dimentia-epilepsy-ADHD-alzheimers-mental impaired-hearing impaired-vision impaired & more.

personal identification - running - biking - hiking - children at play - shopping- travel - field trips - groups - organizations - play dates - school - concerts - casino - vacation and so much more.

All products made in the tallygear shop in Dudley, Massachusetts USA.

*patent pending

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ID WristBand - whitw busy bees on blue nylon band