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Dexcom G4 Bicycle Case

Dexcom G4 Bicycle Case
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Price: $29.95
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Model: g4bike
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Dexcom G4 Neoprene Bike Case

  • the case is made from neoprene fabric.
  • the case is made to be form fitting to the dexcom G4 it fits snuggly.
  • the case has a double polished heavy duty 20 gauge pliable vinyl super clear view window that fits the front face of the Dexcom G4 perfectly.
  • the G4 screen can be viewed perfectly and all buttons can be accessed directly through the clear view window.
  • the front faceplate of the Dexcom G4 can be viewed entirely through the window so you can see the blue, black or pink faceplate.
  • this case was designed so that the Dexcom G4 does not have to be taken out in order to view & operate your CGM.
  • the case was designed to be used on bicycle handlebar.
  • the case has a nylon strap with a plastic tri-glide and velcro to hold case in place on handlebars it wraps around the handlebar for a tight fit.
  • the case will also allow minimal storage behind your device for a key, cash, I.D. if you are on the go and need the bare essentials and have no pockets to carry.
  • this case was designed specifically so your Dexcom G4 Receiver has a protective pocket to slip into so it is always close at hand.
  • the case also comes with a 1/2" nylon hook on the bottom of the case with a carabiner hook and neck lanyard (shown in the above video)..the case can be used on your bike handlebars or you can remove the strap and wear the case around your neck or clipped with the carabiner hook to you belt loop, backpack or pocketbook..so many applications.                





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Dexcom G4 Bicycle Case
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