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 Tallygear Reviews/Testimonials

It took us 4, yes F-O-U-R long years to find a pump pack that fit Joe's needs as an ACTIVE little boy. Every time Joe would run, jump, careen, skip, play soccer, participate in baseball it would break my heart a little to watch his damn pump and pack bounce and jiggle up and down as he was out living life to the fullest. Though he never complained, the "pump jiggling" bothered Joe. I am happy to report this is a NON-ISSUE any longer. Why? Because Tallygear is on the job.

What is different about these packs you may wonder. Well let me tell you...because I have tried the whole INSULIN PUMP PACK GAMUT in 4 years SEARCHING for the PERFECT PACK. First off you can order XS, S, M, or L. For those of us with young children with "d" you know how difficult it can be to find a pack that fits appropriately. Secondly, this pack STRETCHES 4 (that's right FOUR)ways. This keeps Joe's pump secure and flat against his body. There is NO MORE BOUNCY pump/pack action as Joe runs and plays. Also, the price for these packs is REASONABLE! I have hit the pump pack JACKPOT. For CGM users and/or people who want to bolus but don't want to remove the pump or CGM from the pouch, a CLEAR WINDOW can be sewn into the pockets.

Reyna Maher visit her at


 Thanks to the Tummietote insulin "pump pack" as we like to say, my daughter can place a meter, poker and a couple strips with glucose tabs right in the two extra pockets!! The best thing yet is that this insulin pump pack lays flat against her body unlike most insulin pump packs! You cant even tell she is wearing it under most clothes, and she wont EVER be without everything she needs! With the Tummitote Belt Diabetes is Discreet!! No big, embarrassing bag to carry around, forget or lose!

Im excited that for the first time in 6 school years my daughter can carry her own D supplies everywhere in her WEARABLE perfectly invented Tummietote Belt. No Diabetes bag to carry around!!! (Thank you Tallygear!)

For us, this is the best insulin pump belt EVER, because it can carry so much more than just your insulin pump! It has 3 super Velcro secured pockets, and is made out of swim suit like, stretchy material so it lays perfectly flat against the body compared to most insulin pump packs! One of our 3 pockets on this pump pack has a clear view window so you can use the pump without having to remove it from your pocket everytime! This school year this pump pack is going to be a total blessing in DISGUISE! For us, Tummietote is the answer to keeping Diabetes discreet at school just like we want it to be! 

'D' Mom from AZ.

 "The reason why I like Tallygear, is that they hold my pump/Dexcom so they don't fall down. And Tummietote has more pockets, so I can have a meter in it, or stuff for when Im low". " I think the reason why I like the look is because it goes with my personality and my type of thing that I would wear. It tells people what I am like".

Justice age 8, Type 1. Animas Ping and Dexcom user.

"I'm Amalia's mum. I just wanted to email to say the belts are perfect thanks! I have attached a photo of Amalia (age 5) with her belt & her pump. The belts are comfortable, secure and such a snug fit. I don't know what we'd do without them! Her wee pals are quite jealous too cos they look so cool - thanks for the fun funky designs!    - Many thanks - Triinu - Amalia's mum -

Amalia (age 5) United Kingdom

" I have been using my insulin pump for 8 months and wanted to find a funky, comfortable belt to use to hold my pump. My old belts were uncomfortable and the pump was easily seen. We found the tummietoe by tallygear.com and I love my tummietote belts and now I wear them all the time. They are soft and fit close enough that if I want to hide my pump under my clothing I can. I now want a tummietote in every color. "

Charlotte-United Kingdom

" This is my second tummietote belt and I wanted to let you know that this is the best on the market, trust me I have bought many belts and pouches to carry my insulin pump. When I wear the tummietote I forget I have it on and I love the way you can move it up or down depending on your outfit. I wear it everyday only take it off to shower! Thanks again for making a great way for us pumpers to carry our pumps. Keep up the good work! "

Linda - California, United States

I do alot of road races and long distance bike rides and the Tummietote is on my list of "don't leave home without it" gear. I don't know how I ever ran without it! Its definitely worth the investment. For long road races it is an ideal way to carry all of my essentials without worry. Cell phone, keys, gel and money can all be held safely, comfortably and securely in my Tummietote. I can even match it to the outfit I am wearing. Tummietote is awesome! It's exactly what I was looking for. I also purchased the loksak....I perspire alot and needed something to keep my stuff dry and it has worked out great. As well the company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. To be honest you cannot beat the services or thepeople I've dealt with. Tummietote has completely surpassed my expectations. Thank you!

Lynne - Marathoner - Natick, Massachusetts


 I have found the very best way to carry both my Medtronic pump and the Dexcom. Go to www.tallygear.com. These are soft bands, either velcro-closure or step-in, worn around the waist. This was designed by a mom whose child has Type 1 and had trouble finding the right way to carry the pump. I have tried a few versions and my favorite is the standard, velcro-closure band in black with two clear windows. I can wear both pump and Dexcom around the waist and operate both through the windows. It's worn easily under clothing and is unnoticable in most of my work and casual outfits. I LOVE this thing!

Really pleased with our tummietote! This product is well made with attention to detail in all the right places. The adjustable velcro waist makes for a versatile fit, and is great for growing children. We have a tummietote with 1 vinyl window which is fantastic for quick pump boluses on the run, also like the fact that the pump is tucked away protected from some of the rough & tumbles in my 6 year old sons busy day :) We love the funky black camo fabric also. A great product ++