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Dexcom G4 Silicone Skin

-Add an optional aLoksak waterproof Bag/Liner to keep your devices dry (shown on first product page.)  

NEW Tallygear Dexcom G4 Silicone (rubber) Skin

Now Available in Red, Orange, Purple, Pink & Yellow. (blue, black and green have been discontinued)

Silicone Rubber case that fits snugly around the Dexcom G4 CGM receiver. 

Protects from scratching & bumps & falls.....this is a skid proof skin...it has a bit of tack to hold the Dexcom CGM in place inside and out.

Also makes the Dexcom G4 Receiver slip-proof so it will hold in place better either placed in your pocket, waistband, bra, dashboard or desk or so many more applications.


this case is manufactured with silicone rubber it has a rubber 'feel'...initially the case has a bit of a tacky feel to it and over time it will subside....it was designed to be this way...we wanted a case that you could put in your pocket and know that it will not slide out or place on the dashboard, windowsill, desk, pocketbook,bra, table or so many other places.

this case has a open end for charger port so the Dexcom CGM does not have to be removed from skin to be recharged.












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