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Tummietote BELT

**Customer Review - I have found the very best way to carry both my Medtronic pump and the Dexcom. Go to www.tallygear.com. These are soft bands, either velcro-closure or step-in, worn around the waist. This was designed by a mom whose child has Type 1 and had trouble finding the right way to carry the pump. I have tried a few versions and my favorite is the standard, velcro-closure band in black with two clear windows. I can wear both insulin pump and Dexcom around the waist and operate both through the windows. It's worn easily under clothing and is unnoticable in most of my work and casual outfits. I LOVE this thing!

     'Original' Tallygear Tummietote Belt   

  • The Tummietote belt is a lightweight soft sided small personal item storage belt.
  • The tummietote belt is the perfect solution to carry your Medtonic, T-slim, Animas, Omnipod Insulin Pumps, Cellphone & Dexcom G4/G5/G6 Touchsceen Receiver, Cash, credit card, keys, snacks, testing supplies securely and discreetly...all safe and secure in one place.
  • Tallygear Tummietote Belt with one & two or 3 clear view double polished 20 gauge pliable vinyl windows. Carry & monitor your Insulin Pump, Dexcom CGM receiver or Cellphone through the window/s. Also you can make adjustments to your pump view Dexcom and view incoming messages on your cellphone just by touch through the vinyl window. It is heavy duty enough to stand up to daily use but, pliable enough to activate your tech device. The window makes it quicker and easier to access your device without it ever leaving the pocket with less chance of getting lost or misplaced.
  • The belt is made from the highest quality spandex/lycra fabric.
  • The belt has (3) six inch storage pockets with heavy duty velcro closures.
  • The belt also has a six to 8 inch adjustable heavy duty velcro waist closure and it is approximately 2 3/4" wide.
  • The Tummietote has some stretch to make the belt extremely comfortable to wear on your waist or your hips.
  • It can be worn as an accent to your outfit as a layered look or it can be hidden very discreetly and comfortably under your clothing.
  • The Tummietote belt is also offered with up to 3 optional clear view vinyl windows so that you can view your tech device without ever taking it out of the pocket, saves time and is less of a hassle when you are pressed for time. Adjustments to your insulin pump, cellphone, Ipod, Iphone, Dexcom Share/G4/G5/Touchscreen CGM Receiver can be made directly through the heavy duty double polished pliable vinyl window. Also the Dexcom can be monitored directly through the double polished clear view window.
  • The size of the window is 1 3/4" width x 3" length made of 20 mil heavy duty clear view pliable vinyl.
  • 4  way stretch fabric.
  • 85% spandex 15% nylon.
  • hand wash-cold water-line dry.
  • the tummietote belt is approximately 3" wide.
  • please verify your waist size before placing the order.
  • The belt is also offered with an optional medical alert patch stating Type 1 Diabetic-Insulin Dependent.
  • The belt comes in 4 sizes to fit 18" to 44" waist. Custom sizes are available.
  • If your waist size falls in between sizes please order the closest size and leave a note in comments section with your actual waist size the tummietote will be altered for the perfect fit  for you....no added cost.
  • ADD an optional aLoksak Liner/Bag to keep your tech device waterproof (shown on the first product page.)
  • The belt comes in many solid colors, printed designs and high performances fabrics.
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