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Dexcom G4 Case

-Add an optional aLoksak waterproof Bag/Liner to keep your devices dry (shown on first product page).  


  • the case is made from spandex/lycra fabric the same as our tummietote belt.
  • the case is made to be form fitting to the Dexcom G4 it fits snuggly.
  • the case has no zippers or velcro-there is a 1" inch fold over secure closure on back.
  • it has a discreet web 1/2" wide black loop on the top of the case for the carabiner clip.
  • the case can be worn with the carabiner clip and the 1/2" black lanyard strap (both included) around the neck.
  • the case has a belt strap made out of the matching spandex fabric on the back of the case so it can be slid onto a belt ( will fit up to 2 1/2 " belt due to the stretch fabric).
  • the case has a double polished heavy duty 20 gauge pliable vinyl super clear view window that fits the front face of the Dexcom G4 perfectly.
  • the G4's screen can be viewed perfectly and all buttons can be accessed directly through the clear view window.
  • the front faceplate of the Dexcom G4 can be viewed entirely through the window so you can see the blue, black or pink faceplate.
  • this case was designed so that the Dexcom G4 does not have to be taken out in order to view & operate your CGM.
  • the case can also be attached with carbiner to a belt loop, pocketbook, backpack, test kit & so much more.
  • the case can also be used just as a case and be carried in your purse, pants pocket, shirt pocket, backpack & more.
  • the case will be offered in all of the tallygear fabrics with carabiner hook & lanyard.
  • an optional black nylon 1" web belt & 1/2" black wrist strap can be added to the G4 case at checkout.
  • the case will also allow storage behind your device for a key, cash, I.D. if you are on the go and need the bare essentials and have no pockets to carry.
  • this case was designed specifically so your Dexcom G4 Receiver has a safe pocket to slip into so it is always close at hand.
  • a medical device ID label is included with every Tallygear Dexcom G4 Case (photo above).


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Dexcom G4 Case - cool neons on white
Dexcom G4 Case - cool neons on white
Dexcom G4 Case - Peace
Dexcom G4 Case - Peace