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wrist-ankle POCKET

-Add an optional aLoksak waterproof Bag/Liner to keep your devices dry (shown on first product page.)  


tallyband wrist-ankle pocket shown above with optional clear view vinyl window.

  • Keeps your Dexcom G4/G5/G6 close at hand so you can monitor blood glucose closely.
  • Keeps your tech devices safe and secure..
  • The pocket is the entire length of the band so it can also carry added items like cash, key, small test kit, cellphone and much more.  
  • The tallyband is made from lycra stretchable fabric.
  • Your medical tech device should be placed in the pocket prior to putting the band on to your wrist.
  • The tallyband has a 2" fold over closure to keep all your gear in place.
  • The band measures approximately 5" in length.
  • If Dexcom is in pocket on wrist you can feel the vibrate alert.

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tallyBAND-Wrist-Ankle Pocket-High Performance
tallyBAND-Wrist-Ankle Pocket-High Performance
tallyBAND-Wrist/Ankle Pocket-Designs
tallyBAND-Wrist/Ankle Pocket-Designs
E Wrist/Ankle POCKET - 23 Classic Colors
E Wrist/Ankle POCKET - 23 Classic Colors